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Welcome - Crescent of Darkness

Welcome to the Crescent of Darkness website.
If you are hearing or reading this text, it's quite probable that you are using a website reader program or that you have disabled styles.
This site has been build respecting the standard for Accessibility of the W A I consortium and has an accessibility level of triple A.
But keep in mind that we have achieved this vote just beacuse we are respecting all the checkpoints of the standard, this does not mean that this site is certified as 100% accessible!
Only you, our users, can really tell us what is wrong with this site.
Only you can help us make this site more confortable and more suitable for your needs.
So write us!
If you find errors, or if you have ideas, suggestion or anything else you want us to know, you can write us to this email address: .
Thanks and good browsing.

The Crescent of Darknessproject was suspended

See the Italian version for more details..

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