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Accessibility - Crescent of Darkness


This website respects W3C consortium WAI/WCAG Accessibility standards.

These symbols should be put at the bottom of each page.
We decided to put thme here, in order to make your browsing easier.

W 3 C: Valid XHTML 1.0
A page bearing this symbol claims to be certified by W3C as 100% compliant with XHTML 1.0 standard.

XHTML is the new standard in writing web pages created by W3C itself.

Internet Explorer 6 is not compliant with this standard, so we tried to fix this site also for that browser. Consider downloading a standard browser, there are many free good programs around the net.

One of the best is Firefox.

W3C consortium websites is:
W 3 C: valid CSS
This symbol it's quite similar to the one before.

It means that the page bearing it uses CSS standard todefine website style.

A style can describe the background colour of pages, colour and dimension of texts, but also the way Speech Browser will read a page and many other things.

This site can be viewed also WITHOUT CSS compliant browser, with no losses in contents.
W 3 C: Triple A WAI/WCAG 1.0
Pages bearing this symbol claim to be certified as 100% compliant with WAI/WCAG 1.0 standard for Web Content Accessibility.

This standard defines rules for creating visible websites also for people with disabilities.

There are three levels of compliance: A, double A and triple A. Our site is Triple A, this means that we respect also minor rules for accessibility.

For more information about Web Content Accessibility, take a look at this link:
Bobby: Valid Triple A websiteA.
A page bearing this symbol claims to be tested as Triple A by Bobby website, which you can find here:

Bobby can test a website against WAI/WCAG or U.S. section 508 acessibility guidelines.

this site is Triple A.

Bobby is very strict so we're proud to have this symbol in our website.
Cynthia: Valid website.
A page bearing this symbol claims to be tested by Cynthia Says, which can be reached with this link:

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